Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pangea Day

We're in the golden age of film. Sharing content on a global level is a refreshing concept and an idea that brings culture and class together in a fantastic sharing experience. Pangea Day went live this morning and has executed the event well. I've already watched several short films and I'm impressed and moved. There are some great films, inspirational to filmmakers and filmlovers alike.

This American Life's "What I Learned From Television" recently explained how sharing content on such a tremendous scale has pushed the bar higher and is causing filmmakers to reach new levels of creativity. Pangea Day is another wonderful example of how we are all working together to advance and evolve. Advancements in creativity and innovation are made by building off past ideas and events like this create an environment to share content and make progression.

I saw this film, "A Thousand Words" and it was great.