Monday, March 16, 2009

Embracing Your Brand

If you're a green company that is some how involved with the sustainability movement it's important that your behavior is as green as possible, right? Well a company called Nothing just upped the ante. They've created their entire office out of cardboard. There was a tremendous amount of design that was required because it's extremely asthetic, but an investment well worth it when it comes to proving you're dedication is 100%

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the World of Art, How Do We Determine Who Has Skill?

Yesterday I came across this loosely written article about How Art Killed Our Culture. I found the comments to be more enlightening than the article itself, but the most interesting thought was one that surfaced around the idea of post-capitalist art. It raised an interesting question, which is how has pop art been a part of the art movement?

Some have questioned the talent required to produce art created by artists like Worhol and Matthew Barney. It can be debated whether culture reflects art or if art reflects culture, which led me to wonder if a lack of innovation and creativity in society is reflected in the past decade of art. I've been confused by works in the MoMa like foam sprayed on a wall or drawings Barney has done while suspended by a harness. I appreciate abstract art and I want it to push boundries, but I also want art featured in a museum to showcase talent, thought, hardwork and skill. It's no wonder our generation has such an infatuation with Banksy; he not only creates thoughtful works that challenge decisions in society, but I also seldom hear someone comment "I could have done that," when looking at his art.

My relationship with art has been an entertaining one. I was elected into the art enrichment program when I was in elementary school for my clayworking. Early on in college many of my peers were appreciative of my crafty skills that yielded free pizzas & "safe passage." I was surprised that so many people couldn't use scissors to cut a straight line. Later in college, after taking a few drawing & digital art classes I began concepting with Photoshop. After graduating I created sculptures and experimented with mixed media painting. Then I shifted to film with the advent of cheap cameras and software like Final Cut. Although I've loved producing work outside the realm of traditional art, a good portion of what I've created has come from skills that I've honed through the years. Most recently I've worked in the field of engineering and have realized how my creativity translates from art to building. This is my journey through the world of art and despite my dedication my art isn't in a museum; and rightfully so, for the same reason I'm not a pro cyclist competing in the tour de France. I guess my reason for this post is to question how we determine that an artist is truly talented. The line seems to be clear in business and athletics, but what about art?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monitoring your Carbon Footprint

I just took my friend Reid's survey about climate control. It got me thinking about how my behavior affects global warming and what I am or can do about it. Shortly after I came across this report by KQED on how children are using their cellphone to monitor their carbon footprint.

I think it's a great idea because it engages younger audiences with the intention of making an impression about the perils of global warming. More importantly it empowers children and sets them down a path that seeks to change antiquated behavior.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

programable matter

Is this for real because I feel like I just stepped into the future?